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Furthur Live at Times Union Center on 2011-11-15

by Furthur

Set 1:
01 Tuning
02 Here Come Sunshine
03 Row Jimmy
04 Big Bad Blues
05 Magnolia Mountain
06 Minglewood Blues
07 Dire Wolf
08 Loose Lucy
09 Cosmic Charlie

Set 2:
01 Tuning
02 Passenger
03 Here Comes the Sun
04 No More Do I
05 Estimated Prophet
06 Cryptical Envelopment
07 The Other One
08 Cryptical Envelopment
09 All Along the Watchtower>
10 Stella Blue
11 Uncle John's Band
12 donor rap

13 Not Fade Away
14 Brokedown Palace

Collection Furthur
Band/Artist Furthur
Venue Times Union Center
Location Albany, NY

Source AKG 483 > Oade OCM Marantz PMD-661 @ 24bit/44.1 Khz OTS, DFC, 12 ft, Din(a)
Lineage Sound Forge > CD Wave > Trader's little Helper
Taped by Chris LaPorte
Transferred by Chris LaPorte


November 15th, 2011
Albany, NY
Times Union Center

AKG 483 > Oade OCM Marantz PMD-661 @ 24bit/44.1 Khz
OTS, DFC, 12 ft, Din(a)

Sound Forge > CD Wave > Trader's little Helper

Sound Forge: fade ins/outs. Dither to 16bit.
CD Wave: Tracking.
TLH : MD5, Flacs, FFP.


Reviewer: selvaggio - - November 22, 2011
Subject: It all rolls into one
Huge thanks to Chris for this splendiferous recording. Mighty fine HCS -> Row Jimmy and everything from Cryptical on.
Reviewer: ralberty - - November 21, 2011
Subject: AKG 4ME
Reviewer: shorthopper88 - - November 17, 2011
Subject: Great show
This is the sort of show that makes Furthur great. And Albany was a perfect location. small crowd, but the energy was there. and the band could feel it. The second set had a nice flow to it.
Reviewer: Furthurite - - November 17, 2011
Subject: Great job!
Many thanks to you taper Chris. Had to change my original rating to 5 stars instead of 4 stars after listening again...magnificent!
Reviewer: Stellablu122 - - November 17, 2011
Subject: Dozin' at the Knick...again?
It sure looks like there was a nod by the band with the ole pairing of Watchtower>Stella Blue.

The scene at 5:00pm was so mellow on Shakedown, no nirtous, and folks seemed in good spirts.I knew attendance would be low but when I went in early...I was like wow. It filled up once the show started right at 7:12pm.
The HC Sunshine> Row Jimmy was incredible. Phil was a monster and the entire band was dialed in.
I can not stress how intense the jam in HC Sunshine was and then right into a poetic Row Jimmy. What a start. This version featured a great piano solo from Jeff and was spot on.

Thought we were gonna get BT Wind, oh one night off, next but the first of two Bobby curve balls soon followed. Big Bad Blues. It was good and afforded me a run to the can.

Magnolia Mountian was sweet and I enjoyed it.Energy and focus of the crowd waned somewhat. Many Ratdog fans on this night.
I could not belive we Minglewood, time out for Bobby after this one. He botched up the "T for Texas' verse which was a hoot.

Dire Wolf through Cosmic was very good, with Phil stretching his arm out as a loopy airplane, although not nearly intense as the first two songs.

Set two started off with a rocking Passenger with Phil going deep. He was sick the entire second set.
Here Comes the Sun was nice and they played it out quite well and the jam with the melody at the end was excetional.John had an almost accoustic tone on his guitar and the crowd loved it.
I got my cherry popped with No More Do I, is that a Hunter tune? It was quite good.

The next sequence was just epic. A deep Estimated as the launch pad and away we went, it was just what I needed for my last show of the year with Furthur.
The band laid it down big time.
A nice long slinky jam with no real hints of where it might go they just flowed with it The tranistion into Crypitcal was perfect and very fluid.
Phil stepped up to the mic with conviction and delivered a ery strong performance. The jam out of it was clear where we we going and it was great to see the Other One reunited with it. The wave just swelled and teh band was fierce and things got intense fast.
The build up into the Other one was great and then a text booking reading by Bob and the band.
The jam into the second verse was intense and Phil, OMG was just dropping power chords all over the place.
The place was coming around then to be brought down by the lilting resuring notes of the return to Crypitcal but his fate already sealed it was spot on.
Then Bobby started strumming those familar chords and John, Phil, Joe, and Jeff attacked this version. Wow it was wild and the John's solo was sick and then Jeff just wailed on teh B3.

Once again Phil was the man and he just slammed his hammer down on that stage.

I knew what was coming next and it was nice to have an old familar pairing have us dancing on air.
This version was everything you wanted it to be, compared to the one I saw the previous summer in Herkimer, they was the bonefide reading.
The band was sweet with conviction and John solos and singing was beautiful.
"It seems like all this life was just a dream...Stella Blue"
that line always brrings tears to my eyes and on this night it just touched my soul.
A majestic ending solo and wow.

The sound was huge and this Stella was maybe the best one this band has played.
To come out of a dream into the reasuring chords of an uptempo UJB was a perfect pairing and as Mike described above this verison was stellar. The audience right with the band on the vocals and Jeff and Sunshine really did well here too.

The jam at the end was just massive and Phil was so intense. I was in awe and in ectasy.
Phil gave us a heartfelt rap with the lights shining on the audience as Phil wanted to see us all tonight and he was all smiles.

NFA was perfect and the Knick just rocked it out with the band. I knew were were getting the Brokedown as Bobby and the band really gave a nice vocal spat with the audience at the end and then an endearing and brilliant Brokedown, only one of the tour so far, Bob did hesistated on the start of third verse,the audience helped him get through it and a minor blemmish as this one was just pure gold.

" Going home, going home
By the waterside I will rest my bones
Listen to the river sing sweet songs
To rock my soul"

Well done Furthur and Albany.
Happy Trails
Reviewer: ScarletFire82 - - November 17, 2011
Subject: They only get better...
This was my 8th time seeing Furthur, 3rd night of the fall tour cuse>buff>albany run. I must say this was this best I have ever seen them. You could feel the energy flowing throughout the building and interconnecting between the band and audience. The first set was very pleasant with a very well played 'Row Jimmy' and extremely fun and 'Dire Wolf'. Then the second set..Hold onto your faces!! It may not look to spectacular on paper but this was not your average playing. 'Estimated' was as pshycadellic as they come, leaving you in the deepest pits of the moon's craters. 'Thats it for The Other One' was pure rocking and rolling, Phil gives me chills when he sings 'Cryptical' and drops bombs strong enough to drop your manhood..Into 'Watchtower' which left the crowd in a dance frenzy thanks to Jeff's cosmic keyboarding and John's beautiful oozing leads. Then 'Stella'...anybody who had a face at this point had it torn right off. Extremely touching and moving music, best Stella i've ever heard them play. Jerry was smiling. 'UJ'SB' then came and kept the roof a blazin. Double encore=double happiness..gotta love the 'NFA' chant from the crowd. And 'Brokedown palace' hit the sweet spot and left a very optimistic for the audience..Such a fun show. See them if you can, it's a shame if you dont. Must add this is a crystal clear recording. Thank you for a real good time (~);}
Reviewer: GratefulDred - - November 16, 2011
Subject: Excellent Recording and Show
I want to thank the taper for this. The quality is excellent. Thanks from those who could not be there!
Reviewer: jerdan45 - - November 16, 2011
Subject: this is a great show and recording I don't know why it only got 4 stars
i would give it six if i could thank you
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